08 May 2013
9:21 pm
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1. sometimes, i wonder if your colors are the same as mine. if they are not, you might think that bruises are fire under my skin. 

(you are right) 

if they are the same, you will wonder how i got the sea trapped inside of me and i will not explain. 

2. i haven’t smoked a cigarette in a few weeks at least because i have become interested in anatomy and the beauty of lungs
i haven’t smoked a cigarette in a few weeks because my grandfather died of lung cancer and i have become too close with death, as of late

3. i have a feeling that i will never be able to stop falling in love with the same empty boys and carefully lost girls; i have a feeling that the marks on my hips will never tell a beautiful love story but instead they will dictate how badly i want to escape this body

4. if you ask me why i am like this, i will not tell you

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